This activity usually done by every individual. Whether in house or in parks.

Yoga is the activity which gives best exposure to us.


This remain person healthy, fit, mentally free, and many more benefits of yoga is there.

We regularly walk, do excersise which fresh up mood and very good for health.

In addition to this there are many things which come under the word yoga because this word seems small but has many things inside it.

So there are some asaas which came under yoga.


Tadasana – This asana is performed in standing position. Firstly stand straight and then move your body upwards and stand on toes.

This will help to increase leg strenght and for increasing heights.


Trikonasana – This asana is also performed in standing position.

One should stand and then have expand both legs in opposite direction and the touching ground with one hand and second hand in the air straight.

This will help to strenghten lower leg, increase flexibility. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.


Bhujangasana – This asana is perfomed in sleeping position.

We have to be on ground and our face should face ground and then move upper abdomen upwards.

This asana improves menstrual irregularities, elevates temper corporations and tones the buttocks.

Stimulates the heart and organs in the abdomen, like the kidneysrelieves stress and fatigue thus, helps in opening the chest to clear the passages of the coronary heart and lungs.


Yoga is usually performed in parks where people collects in groups and do excercises.

Moreover, these groups are usually seen in public parks and majorly old people do yoga in groups which gives them a way to stay happy and healthy.

Yoga keeps a doctor away because this is medicine to every disease. And best way to remain away from diseases. Yoga is best for everyaged people whether they are child, adult, old everyone.


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