Travelling is that when we move from one place to another. Travelling is excitement just not moving or driving in a car.

Our life journey is also some parts travelling.

When we start from our childhood to our youth then adulthood and at last oldage.


Travelling is all about fun, learning new things,quality time with friends and family.

This is very common among our youth they use to drive in a car in speed.

They use to move or drive in a car approximately 3,4 hours.

For our youth this is travelling but in reality it is just a part of travelling.

Moreover, many of us loves bike riding, its a dream for many people to go to ladakh via road and believe me it is really fun.


We love long drives because we regualarly want to go on drives with family friends, etc it is the part of travelling.

Travelling is a hobby and excitement for many people as they love to analyse different locations.

And then write a blog about it or to share their views.

In addition, Ladakh, Paris, Australia, Shimla, Hongkong, Goa, Thailand, Kashmir, Dehradun, masoori, aresome favourite places to visit for travellers.

According to the report 2 percent of GDP is calculated from tourist because they regularly visit different countries for more exposures.

Similarly, to this travelling is a part of our livelihood rather it could be short distanced or long distance.


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