creative ways entrepreneur can save money while travelling

10 Creative ways Entrepreneur can save Money while Travelling

Are you an entrepreneur?

All entrepreneur wants to grow their business, for that you’re going to have to do some travelling from one city to another and from one place to another.

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Consequently, it doesn’t mean travelling for fun but it can be for meeting a new client, speaking at an event or attending a conference. sometimes business travels are critical.

But while travelling sometimes travels glitches and the cost of travelling can be a stressful experience.

So, here we are to give you the solutions for the above mention things.

Creative ways by which an entrepreneur can save money while travelling, here is the list:

1. Save money on Airlines flights

You can choose the most affordable, and cost-effective as well as flexible flight options that happen to be critical. You can find your best flight options on some leading search engines helping you to look for the best flights, it flatters easier to reduce costs and save on airfare.

Moreover, you should choose the most economical flight deals that make your travel packages cost sufficient.

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2. Set reasonable transport and food charges

So, it usually happens to everyone all over the world. When you are travelling, expenses on travelling, food, transportation, and other charges would be highly imperative as well as an essential part of the business tour. You should always have to set realistic goals and make sure there’s no overspending.

While meeting a client you will have to allot costs for five-star meals. So, you will make sure that’s done smartly and the entire process gets planned judiciously.

3. Stay connected with your colleagues/advanced technology to its fullest

Technology makes it possible to organize an effective schedule easily. Use your gadgets like laptops, mobile phones and mac(i-phone) advantageous while leaving for any meeting.

Communication is possibly one of the most important elements if you want to stay productive. Thus, it is highly acclaim to convey all the staff with your colleagues and make all the necessary arrangements.

creative ways entrepreneur can save money while travelling

4. Strategizing is important

Develop a thought and working on innovative travel strategies will help you to a great extent. If you are planning to visit a new destination for developing a new business or you have to meet a new client for work. Do a little bit of research and strategic planning will help you to make your trip more interesting and affordable.

5. Travel with only carry- on luggage

In addition to the topic, it is the easiest way to save your time and money by not checking in luggage. The additional time expected to pack is likewise chopped down. No, you don’t need those extra shoes but you should carry an extra shirt.

Rotate through your clothes on a schedule. So, you don’t have to carry out speech wearing the same shirt two or more times. You must have to check your airlines carry on rules before reaching the airport or packing your luggage.

6. Find alternatives to hotels

Those days are gone now where there is a trend of staying in hotels. With AIRBNB, you must find affordable lodging and all the amenities of your home.

You can also, do signup for coupon sites like hotel coupons. Also, you can search for different membership, etc.

7. Be flexible with your dates

Because, if you have met on June 13 check dates before and after the 13th. If you can stay for one or two extra days, the price of tickets and as well as for hotel rooms can relinquish significantly.

For example, if you are travelling on Friday then it is more expensive than travelling halfway through the week. Stay a day and see the sights and work.

8. Don’t pay with cash

So, here is the most important tip, yes some of you don’t way to put yourself on credit card debt, it’s ok. You can use your credit cards or different upi’s like phone pay, google pay, Paytm, etc. payment modes for all your business needs. No, I am not saying this without reason, there is a big reason behind this saying that is when you pay via online sites you can get some cash back, reward, and points.

Additionally, if you have a lot of international clients and it’s common for you to travel internationally for work, find a card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees and use digital cash mostly as you can.

9. Ask locals for restaurant suggestions

It’s best to always ask locals about the restaurants as they suggest you the best and also recommend your greatest meal which you should try at an affordable price.

10. Find a substitute for travelling

As you all are living in a digital world. If it is possible without any loss then you should use different apps like skype, zoom, GoToMeeting, if your clients don’t have any problem having virtual meetings.

Because now technology made it possible to have a face to face interactive meetings and at least cut back some of your travelling expense.

Now it’s time to conclude our discussion, some highlights are this is for those who know the value of money and to become a businessman you should. As many of you also have the hobby to save money for the future so here are ways by which you can.

Are you a travelling entrepreneur? Then what best tip you find above? Comment?





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