Well are you shocked. Yes sleeping is a hobby it depends on every individual that will it take as a hobby or as essential for life.

Yes both aspects are right we talk about both aspects today.


Sleeping as a hobby:

The one who take sleeping as a hobby is best. Because sleeping is the best medicine of every problem.

Moreover I saw many people who sleep 12-13 hours in a day well sleeping hours defines that is it a hobby or necessary for life.

Hobbies is defined with the word called happiness or which can give personal satisfaction to us.

Everyone feels happy before and after sleep.

So sleeping can be considered as hobby because

Furthermore many times doctors also advice to increase the sleeping hours because it can help to cure many diseases.

Sleeping as a necessity of life

Yes this is the second factor because sleep of at least 6-8 hours is necessary for people. Because this will help them to slay healthy and fresh.

People who regularly take sleep is always seems enthusiastic and fresh.

Good sleep gives glow on face and people seems beautiful thats why they thought that sleep is essential part of life and that’s correct.

In addition to this sometimes sleeping is the best idea because mental piece is more important then anything else.

Depression is the state where people don’t able to sleep because many things revolve around the mind which trou blue the people and that’s the true fact.

Many of us do not want people in our life means they are happy with themselves only.

Which is good but sometime people sleep and never come back and that’s true and the worst factor of life.

Sleep can be good and bad at the same time.


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