How Millennials are Disrupting Reading Meaning

Everyone is aware of the word reading. You only think that only reading books is called reading but there is much more to know about reading. Reading meaning is more than this.

So we start with reading meaning.

Reading meaning-

 Reading Meaning

Reading is a procedure of seeing a series of symbols and understanding the meaning of them. 

Furthermore, when we talk about the reading we usually use our eyes to accept written symbols.

Like for example (punctuations, marks, spaces, letters) and use your brain.

To transform them into words, and paragraphs that transmit something to us.


In addition, Reading can be of two types basically:

  • In this type people usually read silently in their head as many people don’t love to be aloud as there can be any reason for it.
  • Might they love to read quietly, introvert, or don’t want to show anyone that they are reading something?
  • As their mind accept this way of learning or their brain catch it soon or understand it easily.
  • In this type people usually read the thing or learn something by reciting it.
  • There can be many reasons that are why people use to read aloud that might be their way of learning, or their mind can catch things faster in this way or they love to learn things by reciting.
  • As it is said that by reciting things we usually learn that thing faster or it remains in our mind for a longer time period.

Reading is an open-minded skill or we can say receptive skill -through reading we gain information.

It also includes a complex process that requires skills of speaking, by which we can pronounce the word in the same way we read it i.e pronunciation should be right.

This is also a productive skill in that we receive information and transmit or share it with others as well.

Reading is a high-value skill and it is also recommended that the one who wants to be an English learner should try to read English as much as possible.




Speed reading is the process of recognizing and absorbing words, sentences, phrases on a page by reading it once.

The average rate of reading is 250 words per minute(WPM) but some are naturally quicker.

Ability to speed read means you should double this rate.

How to Speed Read

There are many techniques but all have one thing common that is sub-vocalization that is you should avoid pronouncing and hearing each word in your head.

The way to stop yourself from sub-vocalization is to focus on blocks of words, not on individual ones.

This can be done simply by relaxing your face and softening or expanding stare on the page. By doing these small things your eyes skip faster across the page.

There are three methods to boost your reading speed.

Pointer Method


In this method, we read by holding a card under the line or moving your finger according to the lines we read.

This method is also known as hand pacing and meta guiding.

When a teacher named Evelyn Nielson Wood claimed she can read 2700 words per minute simply by wipe a finger along with line she read.this method is developed or detected in 1950

After this claim, this method is named as the pointer method.

Tracker and Pacer Method


This is an alternative of pointer method in this method you hold a pen with its cap and just track the line which you are reading and keep your eye on the tip of the pen.

This method will increase your speed and also improve your focus on the words. There is also a choice whether you really want to underline a word or not.

In the start, this method can be seen uncomfortable or less retainable method but once you trained your brain and comfort yourself with this technique, your comprehension will improve.


This method has an advantage that they reduce your need to skip back and re-read the sentence again and increase your reading speed.

Previewing or Scanning method

In this method, you only need to move your eyes quickly down to the page and just identifying specific words and phrases.

That is why this method is known as the scanning method. By doing this you don’t need to focus on everything your eye will land on what is important to you. 


By using this you can train your mind to process information more quickly and is called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation.

Improve speed

How to improve your speed reading

Avoid Distraction-

You should read in an environment where there are less interruption and distractions as possible.

So, that it can allow you to focus fully on words.

Easy books-

You should focus on an uncomplicated novel where there are less technical or hard words.

This will help you to increase your speed reading in starting.

You can also set a timer to see how much faster you are reading now then before.

Practice, Practice and Practice-

You should Practice speed reading so that you you should get good at it.

The more you train yourself, the more your speed reading increases.


What method did you use to speed up your reading? Comment.






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