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HOBBIES FOR KIDS: Make your kids busy while playing

So, you are looking for the best hobbies for kids. Before having a look at the list of hobbies for kids. Just know more about Hobby.

What is a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity that you can do in your spare time. This can be fun, relaxing, or just something that you enjoy and love to do.

Hobbies are skill-building activities that relax and inspire your kid regularly. Today’s technology remains your kids busy on gadgets all day long. That’s why it is more necessary to encourage your kids to choose a hobby that will give them exposure.

What is the importance of Hobbies for kids?

Hobbies are enjoyable for kids. The best hobbies for kids will help them to learn about the world and themselves too.

Great hobbies for kids also have invaluable educational benefits. A hobby can shape the personality of a kid positively by helping them in becoming confident, self-reliant, and independent.

A good hobby also improves the thinking skills of kids. Hobbies for kids help in the productive utilization of time and enhance physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional growth.

If you are finding difficulty in selecting a hobby for kids, then here are few tips to help you.

  • You should involve your child in discussions to understand their interest.
  • You should observe their skills and strengths to select a hobby for kids that they can do.
  • Analyze different hobbies for kids that are suitable for your kid and then select.
  • You can ask your child to make a list of various activities they would like to do as a hobby.

In this article, I will help you to get started exploring ideas of hobbies for kids by a list of following hobbies which will definitely give you ideas for selecting a good hobby for kids.

1. Reading

Reading is an invaluable hobby. There are lots of benefits if you put your child into reading. It is a hobby that can be done anywhere, your kids can read anywhere and anytime whenever they want. Reading will also help them to increase their knowledge. Moreover, It would be better if you order some amazing books for your kid according to their interest.

hobbies for kids


2. Writing

There are lots of ways to write. You can encourage your child to write a story or letters to friends and relatives. Just tell them to write in chunks so that they can enjoy writing and don’t feel bored. Ask them to read out in front of the whole family whatever they have written, because it will increase their confidence, and they will love to write more.

hobbies for kids

3. Painting – Painting is another one on the list of hobbies for kids. Drawing or painting is very interesting and children love it. Whenever your kids want to do something amazing, ask them to do painting or drawings. Just cover the floor or table in a newspaper or set your child on an easily wiped floor with a large piece of paper and some colors and let them explore their artistic inside. Painting is a fun activity that you can choose as a hobby for kids.

hobbies for kids

4. Origami – Origami is an ancient art of folding paper to create interesting figures and shapes. This is one of the interesting hobbies for kids. Your kids can start by making simple shapes. And if she/he finds it enjoyable and interesting, then you can help them by providing learning videos of Origami.

hobbies for kids

5. Handprint Craft – Your kids can enjoy handprint or footprint art by producing interesting cards, homemade cards, and paintings. You can also help them in creating a picture book or gallery. It can be a good hobby for kids.

hobbies for kids

6. Swimming – Swimming is the best among the different types of hobbies for kids. Swimming will boost the mental health and fitness of the body. There are so many games that children can play in the water while learning to swim. You will have to make sure that your kids are under the supervision of an adult person while they are playing in the water.

7. Yoga – Yoga is a great way of keeping your children fit and active. And it is an excellent way to boost self-confidence. They will learn so many important things in Yoga like body awareness, breathing, balance, and coordination. Similarly, Meditation is a part of yoga which is amazing for mental health. Yoga will help your kid in building healthier habits for the future.


8. Gymnastics – Another hobby on the list of hobbies for kids is Gymnastics. There are lots of physical benefits of gymnastics. This is very popular among the children and they like to do it. This hobby will help your child in improving their flexibility, endurance, and coordination skills. Parents can also do this to encourage kids, as it will help parents to stay fit and physically healthy.


9. Dancing – Dancing is an entertaining and very interesting activity. It will help your children to relax their minds and maintain physical health too. If your child takes interest in it and enjoys it, let them enroll in the professional dance classes. They can also take it as a future career.


10. Photography – Photography is a fabulous hobby that your child can learn. In the beginning, they can start by taking pictures of friends, family, and nature. You can also provide them simple photography course. And if they find it interesting, they can become a professional photographer.

hobbies for kids

11. Astronomy – Your child can pick astronomy as a hobby. It can give him/her a potential career in the future. Watching the stars, constellations, studying about the planets, our solar system, and galaxy can be a very enjoyable hobby for kids. This is one of the best hobbies for kids.


12. Playing a musical instrument – Playing a musical instrument is a skillful art that will promote the mental well-being of your child. If your child is interested in music then he/she can take it up as a hobby. Select the suitable instrument according to the interest of your child. So many platforms are available on the internet from where your kid can learn.

hobbies for kids

13. Skateboarding – Skateboarding is a also skillful game that strengthens the body and enhances the flexibility of the body. Children above the age of 6 years can take it as a hobby. But they should be under the proper guidance of an adult person while learning. They can take part in competitions and events after learning, it will boost their confidence.


So, these are some hobbies from which you can choose the suitable hobby for your kids according to their interests.

Which hobby did you like the most and you are thinking to pick for your child, please tell us in the comment section?

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