Everyone is aware and known with this word. Plants gives us oxygen ,beautify our nature. Gardening is mostly done in every nation.


Plants are grown and planted in every household rather it is for spiritual purpose and for decorative purpose.

Plants are very important part of our life because from plants we get many things for example food, oxygen, spices, and many more.

Moreover, it is essential as well as some people do it as a hobby. People like growing flower plants in their houses for decorative purpose.

People like to spend time around plants, because plants give them internal happiness and self satisfaction.

Furthermore, sweet smile come on our faces after seeing plants around us because we feel friendly with plants.

For instance, I can say this because i analyse planting as hobby for many people.

Mostly in every country in each and every household has its own garden with many plants.

Gardening helps to make natural fertilisers.

This hobby is good for both health amd mind and enjoyed by many people.

Through this we can grow delicious fruits, herbs, vegetables etc this hobby is fun for many people. Which they loved to do on regular basis.

This hobby remain everyone happy and health and also helps our country.

Because greenery and beauty of our country attracts tourists which will help to increase GDP of our country and help in developnent of country.

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