Shoes collection

Collecting shoes is a hobby you read it right. And not only shoes collection of footwears is one of the famous hobbies.

Many of us wants different shoes for different formals and informals. This is called shoe collection.


Because people usually have different clothing for them and there wordrobe is full of dresses and suits.

We collect different brands and color of footwears this seems interesting because only some persons loved to do this.

Having different wardrobe for clothes is sounds normal but having different wardrobe for shoes is different but this happens in real.

Because those who have this hobby regularly buy shoes soo mix wardrobe is not sufficient for them


In addition there are many brands of shoes like addidas, nike, new balance, ASICS, kering, skechers, bata, reebok, vans, converse, under armour, jordan, puma etc.

These are some brands which are famous all over the world. People who are brand consious usually have collection of individual brand with themselves.

Some of us thought this is waste of money but no this is not waste of money.

Collection of something can never be harmful and wasteful because this is the choice of an individual.

No one collect money from others to fullfil there hobbies which is quite interesting because they are self dependent.

The country whose youth and adults are self depent and earn good in their fields then this is very beneficial for country as they can pay tax at very low age.


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