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Cycling is a very common term used by everyone in daily life. Hence Biking is more ambiguous. Therefore both biking and cycling are the same the only difference is electric or non-electric. Cycling advantages are endless. Moreover, by the word biking, our mind firstly imagines is a motorcycle or electric bike while on the other hand cycling is an only non-electric bike.


Baron Karl  Von Drais was the civil servant to the grand duke of Baden in Germany.

Who invented

Bicycle is invented on 2nd September 1812 in keir, Dumfries. Besides, Kirkpatric Macmillan was a Scottish blacksmith who invented the first pedal bicycle.

Origin of cycling

According to historical records, the origin of cycling has its roots in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris, France in 1791. The person named COMTE DE SIVARAC  was spotted on a rigid two-wheeled contraption called Celerifere.

Cycling Federation of India

Cycling federation of india

The national governing body of racing in India. And the Member of the UCI and the Asian Cycling Confederation.

Cycling Federation of India sent teams to the Olympic games, the Asian Games, for example, the London Olympics in 1948.

Moreover, President of Cycling Federation of India is

Parminder Singh Dhindas has been unanimously re-elected the President of the Cycling Federation of India. Here Pal Singh and Pratap Jadhav have been elected as Secretary-General and treasurer.

Cycling Vs Running


Running and cycling are hobbies and exercises that people enjoy all around the world. Thus both these hobbies go hand in hand and make you healthy and fit.

Moreover running burns more calories than cycling because it uses more muscles. Cycling is gentler on the body, you may be able to do it longer or faster than you can run.

Advantages of cycling

The benefits of cycling are almost endless you could soon be exploring this. Because there are many things which help us to make ourselves fit and healthier. Cycling advantages are as follows:

1. Saves Time

As we all are aware of traffic in our countries but this is not the only benefit of cycling.

When you have to cover a short distance you can use a bike/cycle which also decreases global pollution levels, and often saves petrol and cash on public transport. Thus it also remains ourself healthier and fit forever.

2. Navigational Skills

We use to drive on a regular basis our mind isn’t able to remember direction as everyone uses google maps or any other apps to get direction but while cycling our mind catches things very fast and remembers direction as well. So cycling also helps to increase navigational skills.

3. Better Sleep

It’s not the new thing that tiring yourself out on the bike will improve your sleep. the University Of Georgia also proven this. The sleep of at least 6 hours is required for teenagers and for children sleep of at least 8 hours is required.

4. Increases Brain Power

In the study, it is found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow increases 28 percent and up to 65 percent. Blood flow is good because red stuff delivers all types of goodies that keep us healthy.

According to the study, it is concluded that every individual should cycle for 40-60 minutes daily.

5. Social Circle

Cycling is a social sport. As there are many cycling culture club which runs on a daily basis and on Saturday and Sunday.

So, cycling also helps to grow your social circle.

6. Strengthen your Immune System

As everyone knows cycling improves blood flow in the brain so this will have a positive effect on cycling as well. this pumps up the energy and will make our immune system stronger.

7. Weight loss

Furthermore, when it comes to weight loss, burning calories is compulsory. Cycling burns calories between 400 to 1000 an hour, depends on rider weight and intensity.

8. Enjoy the Second breakfasts

When you decide to cycle, you have a great excuse to add a couple of snacks to your day. which is sounds so delicious and tasty as well. Thus after tiredness eating delicious breakfasts is fabulous.

9. Decreases heart disease and cancer risk

By doing cycling on regular basis it also decreases heart attack risk and improves your health condition. As the flow of blood increases in the heart which will pump blood all around the body and decreases the health risks.

10. Improve Sex Life

Sex is a good thing, but not everyone knows that it is actually very good for your overall health. In addition, it builds some essential muscle groups.

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