Origin of Cuisine

Method of cooking distinct ingredients,techniques,and platter,which is associated with certain culture and geographical boundries is called CUISINE

  • Every region has many ingredients because of that customs, methods traditions plate of every region becames unique in itself.

Innovation and cultural interaction created New cuisnes

How cuisines became worldwide famous :

  • Cuisines of the world are world wide famous everyone knows fusion cuisine gaining popularity since 1970’s.
  • Because of this cuisines of every region and country becames so famous.

Regional and traditional cuisines is a combination of Indian cuisine. Because these are native to Indian subcontinent .

  • Culture, ethnic groups, diversity of soil, occupation and climate gives birth to origin of cuisine . Because these cuisines use locally available herbs, fruits, spices, and vegetables.

Changes in relations :

  • Ultimately our trade relations and colonial rule played a very important role in introducing certain food items to our nation.
  • Because columbian discovery of the New World which brought a drastic change in our food list by finding new vegetables and fruits.

Trade relations of nation:

  • International relationship proved beneficiary to Indian nation and because of this history of Indian cuisine is worldwide famous . here are some facts related to Indian cuisine.
  • The fact is that Indian cuisine has influenced other cuisine across world and especially those from Europe, Fiji, Caribbean, and North America.
  • So, this is true that only some of us know about the trade relations of our country with other countries in past centuries.
  • India and Europe together involved in spice trade i.e Europe use to purchase spices from India.
  • Because of food imports boundaries of our countries does not restrict food items.

So there are two types of cuisines that is:

  • GLOBAL CUISINE – A delicious is cooked and practiced around the world.
  • A cuisine is a characteristic fashion of cooking practices and traditions, frequently related with a specific region, country or culture.
  • REGIONAL CUISINE – Regional delicacies based totally upon national, nation,or neighborhood regions.
  • Cuisines may additionally range which is totally based upon meals, cooking traditions, practices and cultural differences.

Helpful for world

Cuisines of the world are different and distinct from each coutry which attracts tourists. 


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