Cooking is the most essential part of our life. What we cook, what we eat matters. Sometimes this word is used to show that yes cooking is compulsory part.


Moreover, not everytime most of the time this word act as a hobby yes you are correct. Hobby word implies what we love to do in free time and what gives us satisfaction.

Similarly there is a person in everyones life we love her so much the person is Maa. This word this person has very special place in our life she always love cook food for their family.

Food cooking for family gives satisfaction to her thats the reason why it is considered as hobbies.

We all are aware about presence of various cuisines and types of food available for us. Like indian, chinese, south, etc.

Cooking includes everything what we eat every kitchen has its different spices because every family has different choices.

Furthermore, everyone has different cooking style, taste, etc. But cooking is done in every country and in every home.

If cooking is your hobby then sometimes it is fun to do it and sometimes not.

If cooking is your passion then you will notice that most of the time you spend in kitchen and planning to cook.

Yes cooking is a passion for many people around the world who used to cook for self satisfaction and also use this a business for making money from it.

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