Books!! Did you think that everyone knows the meaning of word book? But this is not correct many of us and children too have partial knowledge about books. The word book is not limited to study books only.

Everyone just thought that books are just what they read in their school and college life. They limit themselves only to their study books like chemistry, mathematics, physics, accountancy, economics, and many more.

No one even knows that we have a different world of books in which many types of books are present some of them are

  • Action and adventure
  • Classics
  • Comic book and graphic novels
  • Detective and mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Horror
  • Literary fiction
  • Horror
  • Literary fiction
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Short stories
  • Suspense and thrillers
  • Woman’s fiction
  • Biographies and autobiographies
  • Cookbooks
  • Essays
  • History
  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Self-help
  • True crime

These are glimpse but books have their own different world. In reality many of us didn’t even think about what is the real meaning of books. ” Books are the best friends of everyone” This quote is very famous among all of us but the fact is people didn’t believe it because they only know about study books.



Books about the meaning of dreams

Some books are written on the real-life story called an autobiography. So, these books help us to guide us for future obstacles and hurdles. Many motivational, knowledgable books are present in our world of books.


Moreover, concluding the whole concept of books, I just want to share the full form of BOOK with all of you.

BOOK stands for Big Ocean Of Knowledge.

And the same as the full form of a book. In real books is a big ocean of knowledge. Because as the ocean has an unlimited amount of water with it the same goes for books it contains an unlimited amount of knowledge in it.

Books are your best friend? Is Books about the meaning of dreams Comment.

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