Is blogging considered as hobby? Yes this is also a hobby and widespread around world.

In the world of internet is hobby is gaining popularity day by day. Because this is really possible because of interenet.


So, this is kind a hobby in which people share their own content or their feilds interest and make it popular so that everyone can see that.

Furthermore, blogging needs a web page on which skills of one person is shown or visible throughout the world.

Yes many people use there social media account for this purpose but this will limit themselves and their content in some boundaries because only some people can see your talent there.


Blogging includes :

Process of writing, liking, posting, linking, sharing content easily on internet.

  • Compelling title – title should be that what motivates peoples to read the post.
  • This should include keywords and phrase to attracts people.
  • Summary – this part is not mandatory but summary makes your post more understandable for people.
  • Strong lead – Viewers will stuck to the content if first paragraph of your post is attractive.
  • Sub headings and bullet points – this one makes your post more creative and presentable and easily understandable by people.
  • Call to action – what we expect from viewers to do after reading the post for example leave comment, sharing your page etc.
  • Images – images make your post attractive and more interactive.
  • An author bio – if bio of author is there on the website then the reader actively can know what the whole website is all about.
  • Search engine optimisation – This is very usefull and beneficial for blogger.
  • In wordpress plugin for SEO is present which automatically tell that where is problem in your post and where should have to do inprovement.

Blogging is widespread famous and booming field amd this is only possible due to information technology(IT) sector.

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