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Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to the world of hobbies. There are things about websites and about creators as well.

Here you will find all the types of hobbies like dancing, food, sports, art and craft, singing, reading books, driving and many more.

Everything related to the hobby is available to everyone here. However, some hobbies are done by every individual.

Moreover, many of us don’t know how to convert our passion into a profession.

In addition, I am just a girl who decided to do something new in life. My pen name is pre rights.

Content on this website is for everyone and can also be used for students’ projects and can help them to know many new things about hobbies.


Secondly, many new facts about hobbies are available here.

Things that are real and important are available on this site. Because I believe in reality, not in imaginary things that’s why this can prove very useful.

This website belongs to Prerna Panwar @hobbiyo.com. I am a College student and side by side and my exploring myself in the world of information technology. And this is about the creator.

Friends and family in my life are first priority to me.

Stay tuned for more interesting content!!!