The one who never lies fall apart what we think is always right, the one who always love you goes apart from you is reality why this world is so cruel to us

This world gives us many things apart that it takes our loved ones away the one who died never come back why this world is so cruel to us

What we want is achieved but the world is not so good what you expect never comes to you why this world is so cruel to us.



This poetry is about world which is so complicated and un understandable.

For instance, first stanza of this poem is that

The one who always say truth and never lie is fall apart because the world is cruel for many people.

Furthermore what we think is always right but when we never implement that.

Our loved ones separate from us the question is why always us?

Moreover, second stanza says that yes this world gives us many precious gifts like father, mother, family everyone rather than.

why this world takes our loved ones away.

In addition, to this third stanza explains that yes in this world everyone has some goals.

which is achieved at some part but because of this the cruelityy of this world doesn’t hide.

what we expect is never be a part of our life for so long time period.

In reality we have many complains that why everything comes to us.

why we have to face this cruel world and thats the question ?

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  • Shivani chaudhary

    Yes apart from reality world is full of surprises and yes this is true that our loved ones are getting apart from us I love this poem really

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