Is Dance A Sport

Dance is something which gives happiness to everyone

Dance is life for many people as it gives excitement . Everyone dance every day the difference is some people dance professionally and some people dance just for cheering them up.

Dance is just not about professional dance forms. what you do normally while sitting like moving your hands is also dance, you just jump in happiness is also dance.

Basically Dance is performing art form consist of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. dance can be described by its choreography, by repertoire of movements.

Worlds 90 percent population love dancing its just that they feel shy to perform it.

Performance and Participation:

PERFORMANCE – Theatre dance, is called performance or concert dance. It simply interprets the musical accompaniment which is often specially composed. Many classical forms are centered upon dance alone, performance may also appear in opera.

  • PARTICIPATION – In addition, participatory dance is like folk dance, a social dance, group dance, which is likely to be done in line, chain, or square dance.
  • Some cultures lay down strict rules as to the particular dances in which only men, women, and children may or must participate.

Moreover, human movements are said to have a dance-like including martial arts, skating, and many other forms of athletics

Is Dance A Sport?

Dance is not exclusively, performed with the accomplishment of music and may or may not be performed in time.

Some dance provides audible music like tap dance. Furthermore, music genres have parallel dance forms such as baroque music and dance

So, in weddings, everyone was excited for dance because at weddings every second function is dance. So, in the end, I just conclude with phrase,

” Not everyone is professional,

But everyone is a dancer”

“Dance is feeling,

Happiness is all about dance “

In the same way, this is what dance is all about, fun, feeling, love, romance, anger. when we hear the word DANCE we all bounce up with excitement and fun in a group we dance like nothing is above dance we sweat up but we can’t stop because of music we hear is love.


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