Why always us?

Sometimes just thoughts come to us Why it remains in heart

We don’t know this can be Heart touching or might be apart.

Old ones remains forever new one comes this is called love, why it remains in heart. People come and go some remains in heart we don’t know why always us.

God show some mercy on us Don’t separate us from our heart

Because this can be end of life Don’t separate us why always us.



This poem indicates the love between true friendship bond.

The way two best friends share a true bond between them is pure.

Moreover the thing is that Sometimes the bond seems to be shown as broken parts but in real world this bond becomes more and more stronger after every fight.

New people come but the bond remains forever. Distance doesn’t matter the one whose in someone heart can never be apart.

Furthermore, yes some true bond broke due to misunderatanding thats why it is said that.

Anxiety come faster then anything else. But the thing that matters is how strongly you believe on others.

Negative thoughts come in mind many times but the one who focus on future can never be distracted.

Friendship is the purest bond i have ever seen the one who share everything, who share hearts with each other.

They way best friends love each other no one can do that.

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