Jewellery designing

Jewellery is worldwide famous among all the countries whether it was artificial or real.


Because both have different uniqueness in their jewellery. Jewellery basically weared on occasions and make occasions more auspicious.

Types of jewellery:

  • Antique jewellery – Time period defines this. Jewellery usually called antique when it is hundred or more years old.
  • Design of jewelleries are classic and never go out of fashion.
  • Bead jewellery – Beads are small decorative stones which strings together to make jewellery.
  • Pearls and coral are organic composition.
  • While other precious and semi gemstones are formed of minerals which makes them cheap.
  • Bridal jewellery – From name everyone came to know what kind of jewellery it is.
  • Big pieces of necklace or ornats. Which suits and make bridal more beautiful.
  • Hand made jewellery – There is a long and rich tradition of handmade jewellery since past time.
  • Goldsmiths was also the craftsmanwhich knows the whole procedure from start to end.
  • And they make beautiful and attractive jewellery.
  • Temple jewellery – jewellery worn by famous bharatnatyam dancer which make this worldwide famous.
  • Pieces made of gold and other are made of authentic gemstones are two type of temple jewellery available in market today.
  • The second one is obviously affordable.
  • Fashion jewellery – Jewelleries made up of cheap metals and has light platting of gold and silver to give it real look.

Moreover, sometimes people use jewellery as a way if showing their richness.

Furthermore, people use to buy jewelleries to convert their black money and safeguard themselves from government.

Jewellery designing is a hobby that opens a lots of scope to show your creativity.

Beautiful jewellery attracts people with their unniqueness and can create a different empire of jewellery.


Indian people love to wear jewelleries because they are very excited for functions and parties which gives them a chance to wear jewellery.

Platinum jewellery is gaining popularity day by day people use to buy platinum jewellery rather than gold and silver.

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