Hobbies and Interest!

What the word hobby means? Everyone in their free time do some activities. hobbies are done for relaxation purpose.

Hobbies you can do anywhere it does not have any particular place for perform these activities.

Hobbies are collecting items, artistic activities, playing sports or follow different amusements .

So, Participation in activities encourages for taking full-size skills and expertise in that area.

A list of hobbies changes from pastimes now because technology ease very thing in our life.

For example collecting stamps was famous at nineteenth and twentieth centuries as postal structures and video games are technological innovation of 21st century

The manufacturing  and technologies of the nineteenth century furnished people with greater availability in entertainment time to interact in activities.

The interest of human beings in hobbies has raised with time.



Hobbyists are categories in three parts:

    • Casual leisure-Intrinsically short lived and pleasant activities which require no preparation.
  • Serious leisure – It is systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, that is substantial, beneficial and consequences in a feel of accomplishment.
  • Project based leisure – Things which are done for monetary purposes and in return you will be paid are come under this activity.

Activities changes with time

  • So in the twenty first century , p because everyone connected to internet now days which will give boost to video games industry.

Because of manufactured goods activities like Wood work and knitting declined as activities

Art is the favourite activity of children because this help then to share their feelings .

However Driving, reading books, surfing, sleeping are some of the favourite activities of adults because this will give them satisfaction.

Furthermore Newspaper reading, eating, are some of the favourite activities of old people because this is good for them.

So Interest is something which help to make you happy and help you to make money from hobby.

What are your hobbies ? Comment.


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