Watching Movies

Watching movies is also a hobby. Some of us used to watch movies on regualar basis and they book first show to watch movies.

Yes movies is a way of entertainment, moral, and some times they can be life changing because some movies are on real life story.


Types of movie genres:

  • Action– Movies of fights and stunts involve action genre.
  • Animation – Movies involve animation and animated characters as well.
  • Biopic – Movies based on people’s life and biography, events dead or alive .
  • Children – Movies which have simple story made of kids and children.
  • Adventure – Excitement, danger and risk mostly present in these movies called fictional story.
  • Comedy – those movies which have humor of any kind.
  • Religion and Cultural – society and religion of people based movies.
  • Drama – Drama genres involve emotions and family relationship status based movies.
  • Education – Education genre involves social evils, importance of resources movies based on education.
  • Dance – In this genre dance is elaborated.
  • Documentary – showcasing facts and figure about reality situation.

Because, when we here the word movies we all were excited and in hurry to watch movies.

Moreover, movies are all time favourite for people as they feel relaxed when they watch movies.

I think movies makes you intelligent but it dependends on what type of movie you are watching.

Furthermore an offbeat movie, which has an excellent story gives you the another view of everything and take your mind to the another level.

So having a hobby of watching movie means that I might be watching each and every movie that come on Friday right away, right? No this is not true it is generally about watching movies might be at home and might be in theatres.


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