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    Travelling is that when we move from one place to another. Travelling is excitement just not moving or driving in a car. Our life journey is also some parts travelling. When we start from our childhood to our youth then adulthood and at last oldage. Travelling is all about fun, learning new things,quality time with friends and family. This is very common among our youth they use to drive in a car in speed. They use to move or drive in a car approximately 3,4 hours. For our youth this is travelling but in reality it is just a part of travelling. Moreover, many of us loves bike riding, its…

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    The one who never lies fall apart what we think is always right, the one who always love you goes apart from you is reality why this world is so cruel to us This world gives us many things apart that it takes our loved ones away the one who died never come back why this world is so cruel to us What we want is achieved but the world is not so good what you expect never comes to you why this world is so cruel to us. Conclusion This poetry is about world which is so complicated and un understandable. For instance, first stanza of this poem is…

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    Sports of the World

    Games this is the best word for everyone. Because, when we were in schools and colleges we became crazy that yes finally we got a sports period. Moreover, this word has a special place in our life. Games include many forms for example competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organized participation. Sports are a basically mental and intellectual exercise which gives us satisfaction and happiness and make ourself healthier. Sports are governed by a set of rules or customs which ensure fair competition and allow consistency of the winner. Some sports allow a “tie” or “draw” in which there is no single winner because both teams or…

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    Books!! Did you think that everyone knows the meaning of word book? But this is not correct many of us and children too have partial knowledge about books. The word book is not limited to study books only. Everyone just thought that books are just what they read in their school and college life. They limit themselves only to their study books like chemistry, mathematics, physics, accountancy, economics, and many more. No one even knows that we have a different world of books in which many types of books are present some of them are Action and adventure Classics Comic book and graphic novels Detective and mystery Fantasy Historical fiction…

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    Is Dance A Sport

    Worlds 90 percent population love dancing its just that they feel shy to perform it. Performance and Participation: PERFORMANCE – Theatre dance, is called performance or concert dance. It simply interprets the musical accompaniment which is often specially composed. Many classical forms are centered upon dance alone, performance may also appear in opera. Moreover, human movements are said to have a dance-like including martial arts, skating, and many other forms of athletics “Dance is feeling, Happiness is all about dance “ In the same way, this is what dance is all about, fun, feeling, love, romance, anger. when we hear the word DANCE we all bounce up with excitement and…

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    Types of Cuisines

    The world of food is so numerous and delicious that it look that everyone just want that foodie world in their home. Here is the tour of various cuisine in the world which you don’t even think that what is that a different cuisine? but yes in reality what you eat everyday is not from single cuisine this is the mixture of soo many cuisine in this world. here is the world tour of various cuisine which can make your mouth watery because this is tour is going to be soo amazing. So i know you cannot even believe this but yes this is true that the whole world is…

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    Origin of Cuisine Innovation and cultural interaction created New cuisnes How cuisines became worldwide famous : Changes in relations : Trade relations of nation: So there are two types of cuisines that is: GLOBAL CUISINE – A delicious is cooked and practiced around the world. A cuisine is a characteristic fashion of cooking practices and traditions, frequently related with a specific region, country or culture. REGIONAL CUISINE – Regional delicacies based totally upon national, nation,or neighborhood regions. Cuisines may additionally range which is totally based upon meals, cooking traditions, practices and cultural differences. Helpful for world Cuisines of the world are different and distinct from each coutry which attracts tourists. 

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    Hobbies and Interest!

    What the word hobby means? Everyone in their free time do some activities. hobbies are done for relaxation purpose. Hobbies you can do anywhere it does not have any particular place for perform these activities. Hobbies are collecting items, artistic activities, playing sports or follow different amusements . So, Participation in activities encourages for taking full-size skills and expertise in that area. A list of hobbies changes from pastimes now because technology ease very thing in our life. For example collecting stamps was famous at nineteenth and twentieth centuries as postal structures and video games are technological innovation of 21st century The manufacturing  and technologies of the nineteenth century furnished…